About Us


Sanjay Tent Work is a leading manufacturers & Wholesalers of Fiber, Rot Iron & MDF design work article, that’s used for wedding decoration. Wedding decorators and tent suppliers are the leading customers.  The ability to source the right material for a product, and have it delivered at the right time into a customer room.

Sanjay Tent Work aim at providing its customer a quality based services considering in mind their needs and satisfaction. we are an established flower decorator and mandap decorator and manufacturing of fiber product since 30 years. Sanjay Tent Work  is the brand where your dreams come true. we composite a creative design products for our creative customers.

Our Product:

  • God Statue
  • Fiber Arch
  • Fiber Articles
  • Sofa Chairs
  • Animals
  • Garden Equipment
  • Peacock
  • States
  • Pillars
  • Assemble Items
  • Dom